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Lighting Maintenance and Enhancement

Along the roads of Hong Kong, there are more than 140,000 street lamps.  These street lamps are under regular maintenance to ensure that they operating reliably.

Different technologies are adopted to maximize the operating efficiency of our lighting system, including power control using photocell & astro timer and use of Light Emitting Diode (LED) light.

Whilst the main function of street lighting is to provide suitable illumination on road for safety and security, street lamps incorporating aesthetically pleasing design are also erected in particular locations to complement with the surrounding environment.

The Highways Department is responsible for the management and maintenance of about 240 000 public lighting facilities in Hong Kong, which covers 140 000 road lights, 90 000 footbridge and subway lightings, 10 000 traffic bollards and road sign floodlights.

In response to the government's policy on smart city and innovative technology, HyD has been striving to explore the application of new technology with a view to enhancing the level of public services. Since 2017, we has introduced Smart Lighting Management System (SLMS) and has been conducting trials in various districts in Hong Kong. So far, about 4,000 road lights have been installed with SLMS. HyD plan to gradually install SLMS for the road lights in Hong Kong in the coming six years to enhance their efficiency and service to lead the public lighting of Hong Kong into the smart era.

In terms of environmental protection, HyD has launched a Light Emitting Diode (LED) replacement programme since 2017/18 to provide a more energy-efficient, durable and environmentally friendly public lighting system. It is targeted to annually replace an average of 6 500 road lights and 1 500 fluorescent tubes in footbridge and subway with LED luminaires, as well as replace 4 900 gantry signs and roadside floodlights. The replacement target of gantry signs and roadside floodlights was reached in 2022/23. In the meantime, to achieve the Green Energy Target formulated in the 2019 Policy Address and the target of reducing the electricity consumption of government infrastructures by 6% within the period from 2020 to 2025, we will continue to put in considerable efforts to promote the use of Renewable Energy (RE) system.

In addition, HyD commenced a five-year "Decorative Lighting Replacement Programme" in 2018. Some existing road lights at selected MTR stations are refurbished with suitable styles LED decorative lanterns to match and enhance the streetscape near the MTR stations. To further enhance the urban streetscape, the Highways Department further implements the lamppost beautification work starting from 2021, covering streets with high pedestrian flow in urban areas to enhance the local characteristics and streetscape.

Apart from provision of public lighting on roads maintained by HyD, we also provide public lighting in rural areas upon applications by the villagers under the Village Lighting Programme (VLP). With jointed effort of relevant departments, we are primarily responsible for the installation works under the VLP.