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Light Emitting Diode Public Lighting Replacement Work

The Highways Department is responsible for the management and maintenance of about 240 000 public lighting facilities in Hong Kong. Since 2017/18, we have launched the LED replacement programme for the public lighting system as one of the energy saving scheme for public lighting in order to reduce electricity consumption and to provide a better and more environmentally friendly public lighting system.

As compared with the conventional lights, LED luminaires are more energy-efficient, durable and environmentally friendly. LED luminaires have longer service life than that of conventional lights so that the number of lamps need to be disposed in future could be greatly reduced. LED luminaires do not contain mercury and more than 90% of their materials can be recycled, which is more in line with the concept of environmental protection. On the other hand, LED luminaires have higher color rendering, which can provide better illumination and in turn better experience for road users.

The replacement programme will continue in all districts of Hong Kong. Up to now, almost 80% of the road lights and all the floodlights at gantry signs and roadside directional signs have been replaced with LED luminaires. The number of lights replaced was much greater than the original target of the replacement programme. HyD will continue to monitor the development of LED luminaires and other lighting technologies to develop a more environmental friendly and energy-saving public lighting system.

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