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Streetscape Enhancement & Vegetation Maintenance

The Highways Department (HyD) aims to maintain a green and safe road network through streetscape enhancement and vegetation maintenance.

We are committed to enhancing the streetscape of our community through greening, thematic/ chromatic design of highway structures, design of paving patterns and street furniture that are commensurate with the ambience.

HyD also maintain vegetation on HyD's slopes and within the expressway boundary. We nurture vegetation to stabilise slopes, establish green setting to the highway network and enhance the ecological habitat in urban area. Moreover, we carry out tree risk assessment and take appropriate and practicable measures to mitigate risk while preserving trees as far as practicable within our responsible areas.

We are implementing the "SUCCEED•SUSTAIN SLOPESCAPE: Enhancement Programme of Vegetated Slopes" to safeguard the safety of road users, enrich biodiversity and promote long-term sustainability.