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Excavation Management

In general, public roads in Hong Kong can provide underground space for accommodating utility services. Currently there are about 20 major utility undertakings including UUs who frequently carry out road opening works to install and repair their services such as fresh and flush water, electricity, gas, stormwater drains, sewers and telecommunication beneath public roads.

Under the provisions of the Land (Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance, the Highways Department (HyD) is the authority for controlling excavations in public roads through the issue of Excavation Permits (XP). In view of the large number of road openings required for UUs' works, HyD implemented a computerised Utility Management System (UMS) in October 1997 which was then enhanced to the current Excavation Permit Management System (XPMS) in August 2009 to support XP processing and improve the co-ordination and control of road opening works. HyD strives to improve the efficiency and quality of the XPMS by providing continual enhancement to the system.

Introduction of Excavation Permit Management System (XPMS)

XPMS is a web based system for works proponents including (UUs), contractors, government authorities such as HyD, Transport Department (TD), Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) and Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) etc. to process various types of road excavation or works related permit application under HyD's jurisdiction such as normal XP, emergency XP, expressway works permit and road works permit through a centralized e-platform.

A streamlined workflow under a programmed structure has been established in XPMS to process the concerned permit application. Any permit processing tasks in the system will be routed to the specific applicants or government authorities automatically for further processing in accordance with the streamlined workflow. Users can also keep track of the permit submission status through the real-time process trail records to facilitate a transparent and efficient permit application process. The websites of the XPMS and information regarding application for the concerned permit under HyD's purview are provided below for reference:

  1. Excavation Permit Management System (XPMS)
  2. Training Videos for XPMS
  3. Guidelines
    1. Excavation Permit Processing Manual (XPPM)
    2. Related Documents for the XPPM

For any enquiries on the use of XPMS, please contact HyD's XPMS Support Team at 2762 3357 (email: xpmssupport.rnd@hyd.gov.hk) for system technical support.