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Decorative Lighting & Lamppost Beautification

In order to enhance the streetscape, we commenced a five-year "Decorative Lighting Replacement Programme" in 2018. Apart from replacing the existing lanterns with LED decorative lanterns to save energy, some existing road lights at selected MTR stations will be refurbished with suitable styles to match and enhance the streetscape near the MTR stations.

Up to the end 2021, replacement of around 1,400 decorative road lights were completed at 40 different MTR stations (e.g. Che Kung Temple Station, Hang Hau Station, Tung Chung Station, etc.). The enhancement works at 3 other MTR stations is being carried out with target completion by end 2022.

To further enhance the urban streetscape, the Highways Department further implements the beautification work for lampposts starting from 2021, covering streets with high pedestrian flow in urban areas. Lamppost beautification work includes repainting existing lampposts with paints of different colors, or affixing stickers with special design patterns to match the unique environment of the districts and enhance the local characteristics and streetscape. So far, the Highways Department has completed the beautification work for more than 10,500 lampposts in various districts.