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Smart Lighting Management System

We are striving to explore different options to enable efficient management of operation and performance of every equipment in the public lighting system. Therefore, we are determined to capitalize on the Internet-of-things (IoT) technology, which has been growing in sophistication, to construct the Smart Lighting Management System (SLMS) so as to tackle the limitations of the current public lighting system.

The condition of the current public lighting system is identified during regular on-site inspections or others. However, the SLMS monitors the healthiness of the public lighting system by measuring the operating parameters of each lighting point regularly throughout the day. When there are abnormal operating parameters detected, the system would instantly send fault alerts to the frontline maintenance staff for fault investigation and rectification. Also, the SLMS allows easy access to the history of operating parameters and records of faults of each lighting point. By analyzing the historical operating data and fault records, we may accurately forecast the deterioration of equipment performance and plan for maintenance or replacement in advance of equipment breakdown.

Moreover, the illumination level of current road lights can only be adjusted manually on-site instead of on-time remote adjustment in view of the actual road conditions. The SLMS allows remote definition of dimming profiles of each lighting point according to time schedules or in response to the actual road condition, traffic volume, and pedestrian flow. For example, we might reduce the illumination level of road lights after mid-night when the traffic and pedestrian flow are low, with a view to enhancing the energy efficiency of the public lighting system.

In conclusion, the advent of the SLMS will undoubtedly lead the public lighting of Hong Kong into the smart era.