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Mr. YAU Kwok Ting, Tony, JP

Hong Kong has a high interconnected and accessible road and rail network that provides connectivity to the public, supports economic development, and enhances the convenience of social activities.

The Highways Department is responsible for the continuous enhancement of Hong Kong's public road network, undertaking the planning, design and management of road projects so as to meet public transport demand and the city's development. We take up the duties of inspection, repair and maintenance of public road facilities to ensure that they are in safe and serviceable condition. In addition, under the policy of developing a public transport-oriented system with railway as the backbone, we are responsible for reviewing Hong Kong's Railway Development Strategy and supervising the implementation of new railway projects.

In the course of pressing ahead the implementation of various transport infrastructure projects, the Highways Department is committed to improving the living quality of the community as well. When planning road projects, we strive to integrate more greening elements to beautify the community's streetscape. We also add lifts, escalator links and covers to pedestrian walkways to enhance the walking environment; build noise barriers for roads and develop low noise road surfacing materials to reduce traffic noise nuisance.

Looking forward, the Highways Department will continue to working closely with our industry partners carrying the spirit of professionalism, actively applying intelligent automation and innovative technology to enhance efficiency and to provide better services to the public, while upholding the principles of sustainable development.

This website showcases the services and information provided by the Highways Department. Please feel free to send us your suggestions and opinions through our hotline (2926 4111) or email (enquiry@hyd.gov.hk) to improve our work.


Mr. Tony YAU, JP
Director of Highways

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