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Renewable Energy (RE) system

In tandem with the economy growth of Hong Kong, energy consumption has been increasing over the past decades. For the sake of sustainable development, the Government is committed to promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy (RE) to restrain the rise in energy demand. Development Bureau (DEVB) and Environment Bureau (ENB) jointly advised to adopt RE technologies in all capital works projects as far as reasonably practicable in 2015.

Photovoltaic (PV) system, comprising solar panels and inverters to convert solar energy into electricity, has been considered as one of the most promising RE technologies. The electricity generated by PV systems is clean without generating any pollutants in the generation process. They are connected to the electricity grid to enhance supply reliability, and to enable full utilization of generated surplus energy.

We installed PV systems at highway structures including but not limited to noise barriers / enclosures, footbridges and subways. PV panels are installed on the roof of the structures in order to optimize the use of the open spaces and increase the efficiency of light absorption.

To achieve the Green Energy Target formulated in the 2019 Policy Address and the target of reducing the electricity consumption of government infrastructures by 6% within the period from 2020 to 2025, we will continue to put in considerable efforts to promote the use of RE system.