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Utility Technical Liaison Committee Papers (UTLC Papers)

Utility Technical Liaison Committee Papers (UTLC Papers)

(Note: Only endorsed and currently enforced UTLC Papers are shown below)

File Type
1/98 Excavation Permit Applications that Do Not Satisfy the Lead Time Requirement for Registration PDF Format
2/98 Maximum Advance Time for Excavation Permit Application PDF Format
1/99 Self-adhesive Temporary Road Marking Tapes PDF Format
2/2000 Location of Manhole Covers in Carriageway PDF Format
3/2000 Manhole Covers on Precast Paving Blocks/Slabs or Tiles PDF Format
4/2001 Guidelines on Tactile Warning Strips at Manhole Covers PDF Format
4/2002 Time Taken for Receiving Feedback from Utility Undertakers on Street Furniture Works PDF Format

(Rev. 4)

(Supplement of UTLC Paper 3/2000) – Collection of Paving Blocks & Construction of Recessed Covers PDF Format
(Rev. B)
Calculation of Percentage Compliance with the 2-day Advance Notification (AN) Requirement PDF Format
1/2005 Recessed Kerbline PDF Format
1/2008 WSD Special Site Arrangement Noncompliance in the Provision of 1.5m Minimum Passage Width in Execution of Water Main Laying Works in Back Lanes PDF Format
2/2009 Definition of Unattended Site and Review of Standard Reasons PDF Format
4/2009 Tighten up Monitoring and Control on Use of Display Board at Idling Site PDF Format
5/2009 Trial on Instant Notification to Utility Undertakings (UUs) on Non-compliance (NC) Items for Immediate Rectification PDF Format
2/2010 Enhancement on Aesthetics of Temporary Reinstatement of Footpaths PDF Format
3/2010 Monitoring and Control on UUs' Prolonged Delay in Taking Responding and Rectification Actions on Rejected Permanent Reinstatement Works PDF Format
1/2012 Strengthening Measures in Audit Inspection to Control Non-compliance (NC) with Minimum Depth Requirements and Requirements of Photographs to be Submitted for Processing Completion Notice (CN) PDF Format
2/2013 Calculation of Demerit Point Level for Overdue Submission of Test Certificates / Reports after Completion Notification Submission PDF Format
1/2015 Proposed New Workflow for Continuing Emergency Excavation Permit (CEXP) PDF Format
2/2015 Enhanced Measure for Deterring Delayed Follow-up of Rejected Completion Notice PDF Format
1/2017 Enhancements to Demerit Point System and Sanctioning Measure for Road Excavation Works PDF Format
1/2019 New Sanctioning Condition to Control Sharp Rise in the Number of Unattended Sites under Excavation Permits PDF Format
1/2021 Further Revised Time Period Allowed for Rectification of Defective Utility Manhole and Drawpit Covers & Workflow for Assigning Demerit Point Level 2E PDF Format
1/2022 Revised Mechanism for Assigning Demerit Point Level 2E on Delayed Rectification of Defective Manhole and Drawpit Covers PDF Format