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Online Briefing Sessions for Upcoming Engineering Contracts

The Highways Department will conduct online briefing session(s) on selected1 upcoming engineering contracts under the Highways Department on 28 March 2023, starting at 2:30pm. This briefing session(s) aims to provide interested contractors latest information on upcoming engineering contracts.

Engineering contracts to be presented in the online briefing session(s):-

Session Contract No. & Title / Project Title Probable Date of Gazettal / Inviting Tenders Works Category & Lowest Group Permitted to Tender Range of Estimate of Cost*
(2:30pm - 2:45pm)
Contract No.: HY/2022/18 Improvement Works at Tsuen Tsing Interchange (NEC4 ECC Option A, BIM) 2023 Q2 RD
(Group C)
(3:00pm - 3:15pm)
Contract No.: HY/2023/12 Dualling of Hiram's Highway from Marina Cove to Sai Kung Town (NEC4 ECC Option C, BIM) 2023 Q3 RD
(Group C)
*To be confirmed
M1 Up to $100 million (estimated cost)
M2 From $100 million, to $200 million (estimated cost)
M3 From $200 million, to $300 million (estimated cost)
M4 From $300 million, to $400 million (estimated cost)
M5 Exceeding $400 million (estimated cost)

Contractors who would like to attend the above online briefing session(s) should complete the attached electronic reply slip and email to hydhq.contracts@hyd.gov.hk on or before 14 March 2023 for registration. Confirmation email with link and passcode to each online briefing session(s) would be sent out 3 working days before the briefing session(s). For the avoidance of doubt, please note that participation to the briefing session(s) is NOT a requirement for tendering of the engineering contracts.

Electronic reply slip pdf format

Participants are required to observe the following Rules/ Remarks for the briefing session(s):

  1. NO recording is allowed in the briefing session(s).
  2. There is no question and answer (Q&A) session during the briefing session(s). Participants may submit written inquiries directly to hydhq.contracts@hyd.gov.hk by email within 5 working days after the briefing session. Responses to written inquiries would be sent to all participants of the briefing session(s) by email.
  3. The information presented in the briefing session(s) (including all data and statements whether given in writing or verbally) may be subject to change and shall not be taken as confirmation in relation to the contract requirements. All the contract requirements shall be referred to the contract documents.
  4. Neither the Government of the HKSAR nor its agents or representatives owe any duty of care or is otherwise liable to the participants or any body in respect of any errors, omissions, discrepancies and/or deficiencies relating to any information presented in the briefing session(s).
  5. The Government of the HKSAR reserves ownership to all intellectual property rights to the information presented in the briefing session(s). No such information shall be used or disclosed without the written permission of the Highways Department, the Government of the HKSAR.
  6. Participation in the briefing session(s) shall represent acceptance of the above conditions.

Should you have any enquires on the captioned briefing session(s), please contact us at hydhq.contracts@hyd.gov.hk.

1 Including large-sized engineering contracts, medium-sized engineering contracts to be launched in series which may result in resources implications, or engineering contracts involving new procurement methods/requirements, etc.