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  1. The Forecast of Invitations to Tender is issued in good faith, but in no way indicates that tenders will be invited for the particular projects listed either at the time stated or at any time, and Government accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or expenses that may be incurred as a result of the publication of the Forecast.

  2. In column 2, NSC and DSC denotes nominated sub-contract arrangement and domestic sub-contract arrangement respectively for the associated building services works.

  3. Unless otherwise stated, the date given in column 3 is the probable date for gazetting or inviting tenders. Tenders called by invitation, instead by gazettal, are marked with a *.

  4. Contracts to be proceeded by Design & Build is indicated by (D&B) in column 4.

  5. To be eligible to tender Contractors must be in the appropriate LIST/CATEGORY/GROUP indicated in the Invitations to Tender.

  6. Details of the rules for administration of the List of Approved Contractors for Public Works are described in Contractor Management Handbook Revision B.

  7. The following abbreviations are used in the Forecast.


    ACP Airport Core Projects
    AIR Air-conditioning Installation
    AUDI Audio Electronics Installation
    BD Buildings
    BEAR Supply and Installation of Bearings for Highway Structures
    BITU Supply of Bituminous Pavement Materials and Construction of Special Bituminous Surfacing
    BRI Broadcast Reception Installations
    BURG Burglar Alarm and Security Installation
    CKE Commercial Kitchen Equipment
    COAE Broadcast Reception Installation
    COKI Catering Equipment Installation
    DBO Design, Build & Operate
    DEMO Demolition of Various of Structures
    DIES Diesel Generator Installation
    DSC Domestic Sub-contract
    ELEC Electrical Installation
    ELME Electrical and Mechanical Installation for Sewage Treatment and Screening Plants
    ELTI Electronics Timing and Display Installation
    EXPA Supply and Installation of Expansion Joints for Highway Structures
    FABS Fabrication of Steel Pipe Specials
    FABU Fabrication of Unfired Pressure Vessels
    FIRE Fire Service Installation
    FOUN Fountain Installation
    GAS Liquefied Petroleum Gas Installation
    GLAS Design, Manufacture and Installation of Glass (or Fibre) Reinforced Plastic Units
    GROU Ground Investigation Field Work
    INDU Industrial Type Electrical Installation
    LAND Land, Engineering and Hydrographic Survey Services
    LANP Landslip Preventive/Remedial Works to Slopes/Retaining Walls
    LANS Landscaping
    LIAP Survey of Lifting Appliances and Lifting Gear
    LIFT Lift, Escalator Passenger Conveyor Installation
    LOVO Low Voltage Cubicle Switchboard Installation
    MANU Mechanical Plants and Equipment Installation
    MECH Mechanical Handling and Lifting Installation
    MOTO Motor Vehicle Body-Building and Painting
    NA Not Applicable
    NSC Nominated Sub-contract
    OTHE Others
    PILE Land Piling
    PQ Pre-qualification
    PQT Pre-qualified Tenderers
    PREF Transparent Panels for Noise Barriers on Highways
    PRES Prestressed Concrete Works for Highway Structures
    PUMP Supply and Installation of Pumpsets and Associated Pipework
    PW Port Works
    RADI Radio Electronics Installation
    RD Roads and Drainage
    REHI Repair and Restoration of Historic Buildings
    REMO Repair of Motors, Transformers and Switchgear
    ROAD Road Marking
    ROOM Room Air Coolers and Dehumidifiers
    RT Restricted Tender
    SC Specialist Contractors
    SF Site Formation
    SOIL Soil and Rock Testing
    SPAC Space Frame Systems
    SPEC Specialized Operations for Highway Structures
    ST Selective Tendering
    STBO Survey of Government Land Steam Boilers
    STEA Steam, Compressed Air Installation
    STRU Structural Steelwork
    SURV Survey of Government Land Pressure Receivers subject to Steam and/ Air Pressure (but excluding Steam Boilers)
    SWIM Swimming Pool Water Treatment Installation
    TSE Traffic Signal Equipment
    TURN Turn-key Interior Design and Fitting-out Works
    UNIN Uninterruptible Power Supply Installation
    VIDE Video Electronics Installation
    WATE Supply and Installation of Water Treatment Plant
    WW Waterworks