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Contracts Awarded in Past 12 Months

March 2023 to February 2024

Contract Title Award Date
Category &
Group of
17/HY/2023 Highways Department Term Contract (Landscape Works in Kowloon East, Sha Tin, Sai Kung and Islands Districts excluding Expressways and High Speed Roads 2023-2026) 24/1/2024 Toyo Greenland Company Limited Specialist
HY/2023/16 Tsing Yi - Lantau Link - Marine Ground Investigation (NEC4/ECC/Option B) 12/01/2024 Fugro Geotechnical Services Limited Specialist 46.130
HY/2023/05 Replacement of Structure Lighting with Light Emitting Diode in Kowloon City District (NEC4/ECC/Option B) 21/12/2023 Mak Hang Kei (Hong Kong) Construction Limited Specialist 14.600
01/HY/2023 Management, Operation, Installation and Maintenance of the Public Lighting System in New Territories West (2023 - 2027) (NEC4 TSC Option A) 4/9/2023 Joint Wisdom - Kum Shing Joint Venture INDU, ELEC
(Group III)
HY/2023/11 Improvement of Lion Rock Tunnel – Site Investigation (NEC4 ECC Option B) 24/8/2023 Gold Ram Engineering & Development Limited Specialist
HY/2022/12 Provision of Universal Accessibility Facilities at Footbridges, Elevated Walkways and Subways – Package 7 Contract 2 (NEC4 ECC Option C, BIM) 25/7/2023 Build King - Richwell Engineering Joint Venture RD
Group C
HY/2023/14 Route 11 (Section between Yuen Long and North Lantau) – Horizontal Directional Coring (NEC4 ECC Option C) 21/7/2023 DrilTech Ground Engineering Limited Specialist 73.490
HY/2022/16 Pedestrian Connection between Tamar Footbridge (Highway Structure No. HF189) and Admiralty Centre (NEC4 ECC Option A) 6/7/2023 Goldfield N&W Construction Company Limited Building
Group A & B
HY/2023/07 Pedestrian Walkway System between Hing Shing Road and Tai Wo Hau Road and Provision of Covers on Walkways near Hong Kong Eye Hospital, Tuen Mun Hospital and Tang Shiu Kin Hospital (NEC4 ECC Option B, BIM) 19/6/2023 WYC Joint Venture RD
Group B
HY/2023/09 Upgrading of Nim Wan Road (North) and Deep Bay Road – Ground Investigation & Archaeological Survey Fieldworks and Nim Wan Road (South) – Ground Investigation (NEC4 TSC Option A, BIM) 29/5/2023 Vibro (H.K.) Limited GROU (Group II) 36.600

# REMARKS: Contract Sum for NEC contracts refers to the forecast total of the Prices which is equal to the sum of the tendered total of the Prices, the contingency sums and the provisional sums specified in the recommended tender.