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Stonewall Tree Management

Stonewall Tree Management and Maintenance:

Highways Department is currently responsible to maintain around 130 nos. stonewall trees (SWT). Regular inspection, monitoring survey, risk assessment and pruning operations are carried out regularly to ensure public safety. A multi-disciplinary working group for SWT management is in place to pursue the long term healthy growth and proper structure of SWTs; in which landscape architect provides arboricultural expertise, surveyor provides 3D models and monitoring displacement of SWTs, structural engineer advises on support system while geotechnical and civil engineers advise on geotechnical and stone-wall maintenance issues.

Use of Biologicals and Soil Amendments to Brown Root Rot Infected Trees

Brown Root Rot Disease (BRRD) is caused by the aggressive fungal pathogen Phellinus noxius, a white-rot fungus that thrives in soils and attacks the roots of susceptible plants. Infection by this fungus could result in rapid health and structural deterioration of trees and may lead to tree failure. As potential strategy to manage infected trees and enhance tree health in the long term, recent international research studies indicated that the use of biologicals and soil amendments could be considered. In particular, co-application of biochar amended with Trichoderma, a naturally occurring plant-enhancing fungus, in soils has been recommended in arboriculture and horticulture in recent years. This co-application has been proved to reduce disease severity and suppress pathogen invasiveness, as well as to increase nutrient uptake, photosynthetic rates and revitalization of the diseased trees. In this research study jointly conducted by Hong Kong Baptist University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, the application of biochar amended with Trichoderma was studied to investigate the effectiveness to enhance soil quality and the growth and health of two Brown Root Rot-infected stonewall trees.