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Other Maintenance Programmes

High Speed Roads (West) – Eucalyptus trees along San Tin Highway

There are approximately 7,000 number of Eucalyptus trees located alongside San Tin Highway. Because of the high density and height of these Eucalyptus trees, the risk of tree failure is high. In order to strengthen the inspection of the Eucalyptus trees, we introduced the “Eucalyptus Programme” in 2019. Additional resources are allocated to conduct additional re-inspection to the Eucalyptus trees along San Tin Highway. It is expected that trees with potential risk could be identified as early as possible for timely mitigation. Furthermore, in order to reduce the risk of tree failure , inspection of trees will be arranged with maintenance contractor in rainy and tropical cyclone season, and preventive pruning/ removal works will be arranged for trees seriously leaning towards the expressway to ensure road safety.

High Speed Roads (East) - MTRCL East Rail Line

The Highways Department has been strengthening the inspection and tree risk assessment of vegetation along East Rail Line that is under the maintenance of the Department. In addition to carrying out appropriate vegetation maintenance and mitigation works to safeguard public safety, we would also implement environmental planting to enhance the landscape and enrich biodiversity.