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Tsing Yi – Lantau Link

Project Description:

Tsing Yi – Lantau Link (TYLL) can relieve the forecast traffic impact on Lantau Link, creating capacity to cope with the long term development of the Northwest New Territories (NWNT), Lantau Island and Hong Kong International Airport. TYLL, being part of the group of strategic roads, together with the implementation of Route 11 and other relevant major roads, can improve the traffic conditions of major roads plying the NWNT and the urban areas, increase the route choices for the traffic commuting Lantau Island and the urban areas, and strengthen the resilience of the entire road network.

Estimated Project Cost: :

Under study

Anticipated Construction Commencement Date:

Under study

Anticipated Commissioning Date:

Under study

Current Situation:

Investigation, Design and Construction Study in progress


AECOM Asia Company Limited

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