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Widening of Tolo Highway / Fanling Highway between Island House Interchange and Fanling - Stage 2

Project Description:

To alleviate the traffic congestion problem on Fanling Highway.

Widening of Fanling Highway between Tai Hang and Wo Hop Shek Interchange from dual three-lane to dual four-lane carriageway with hard shoulders; widening of associated slip road at Wo Hop Shek Interchange; realignment of sections of Tai Wo Service Road West and Tai Wo Service Road East; demolition and reprovision of existing footbridges and vehicular bridge;  installation of noise barriers; provision of traffic control and surveillance system; and ancillary works.

Estimated Project Cost:

HK$4.32 Billion

Construction Commencement Date:

Jul 2013

Commissioning Date:

August 2019