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Robot System for Placement and Collection of Traffic Cones and Warning Lanterns at High Speed Roads

Implementing temporary traffic arrangement on high speed roads is a risky operation for workers especially at night working in the vicinity of live traffic. Therefore, we have been striving for exploring the possibility to adopt an automatic approach for placement and collection of traffic cones and warning lanterns at high speed roads.

We and the Hong Kong Productivity Council and co-invented and successfully manufactured an automated intelligent robot system suitable for use under Hong Kong road conditions in 2019. The prototype of the robot system, Roadbot 1, is the world's first intelligent robot system fitted with cameras, LiDAR sensors and robot arms with full cognitive abilities to understand its surroundings for placing and collecting traffic cones and warning lanterns at high speed roads, with a view to lowering the risk exposed by workers at high speed roads.

We are carrying out the detailed design of the robot system aiming to upgrade the whole system and install it to the road maintenance vehicle, Roadbot 2. It is anticipated that Roadbot 2 will be used on high speed roads in the near future.