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Latest traffic arrangement for section of Pak Tam Road, Sai Kung with landslide incident

       A Government spokesman announced today (June 15) that the Civil Engineering and Development Department and the Highways Department had substantially completed the debris clearance works and the emergency risk mitigation measures at the section of Pak Tam Road, Sai Kung with landslide incident, following which the slope stabilisation works would commence immediately.
      The spokesman said that in view of the improved slope condition, upon completion of the engineering assessment, the southbound lane of Pak Tam Road which had only been opened under restricted conditions before was re-opened at 6pm this afternoon. The one-lane two-way traffic arrangement will continue, and passage of double-decker buses through the section of road concerned is still prohibited.
      As the aforementioned slope stabilisation works are yet to be completed, the spokesman reminds the public to avoid using the section of road concerned under unstable weather conditions, for example, when the rainstorm warning signals are in effect.      
Ends/Wednesday, June 15, 2022