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Settlement at Service Road of Kai Tak Tunnel Administration Building

     The Highways Department (HyD) said today (October 3) that in the course of the foundation works for Kai Tak Ventilation Building and Administration Building under the Central Kowloon Route project, settlement exceeding the pre-set trigger level for works suspension (25mm) was recorded at the monitoring checkpoints installed on the service road adjacent to Kai Tak Tunnel Administration Building on September 30. In accordance with the current mechanism, the HyD immediately ordered the Contractor to suspend all relevant foundation works and carry out holistic and comprehensive review.

     Upon receipt of the relevant report, the HyD immediately arranged inspection at Kai Tak Tunnel, Kai Tak Tunnel Administration Building as well as nearby structures and public facilities in the vicinity of the said site. Based on the latest monitoring figures obtained today, only minor settlement well below the pre-set Alert level (10mm) was recorded at all public facilities in the vicinity of the said site, and no settlement of Kai Tak Tunnel Administration Building exceeding the pre-set trigger level for works suspension was recorded. The Contractor's Independent Checking Engineer has conducted further inspection and assessment, confirming that currently the relevant facilities were still structurally and operationally safe. Meanwhile, the HyD has arranged the Contractor to carry out strengthening works, including improving the geological condition of the adjacent area by grouting, and the relevant settlement trend has now been stabilised.

     In collaboration with the Contractor and the Resident Site Staff, the HyD will continue to closely monitor the situation to ensure that the safety and operation of the structures and public facilities would not be affected, and has already requested the Contractor to formulate relevant mitigation measures, adopting construction methods which could minimise impacts on the above-mentioned structures and public facilities.

     Upon receipt of the Contractor's proposal of mitigation measures and request for resumption of the foundation works, the HyD will scrutinise the application, with a view to ensuring the structural safety and normal operation of the above structures and public facilities. Moreover, if the Contractor proposes to revise the pre-set trigger level(s) for the relevant works, the HyD will consider the proposal having regard to the circumstances after consulting the stakeholders of the said structures and public facilities, and other relevant government departments. When the request for resumption of suspended works has been accepted, HyD will make an announcement to the public.
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