24-hour Hotline 2926 4111

Latest arrangements for Highways Department's public services

     To align with the special work arrangements announced by the Government to reduce social contacts and the risk of the spread of disease in the community, the Highways Department announced today (March 22) the provision of limited basic public services from March 23 until further notice, including processing of excavation permit applications for excavation works on public roads and parts of the non-emergency road repair works.

     The Highways Department will continue to provide essential and emergency public road repair services including daily inspections of expressways and emergency road repairs. It will also arrange for its contractors to continue to enhance the cleansing work for the handrails of footbridges, subways and escalators, as well as the buttons of lifts, under the department's purview.

     The Reporting Centre of the Highways Department will maintain operation to handle road repair matters. For any suggestions, enquiries or complaints on the services, members of the public may continue to call the 24-hour hotline 2926 4111 or call 1823. Public may also contact Highways Department by email or by fax. Details are as follows:

Email addresses :
enquiry@hyd.gov.hk (for enquiries)
complaint@hyd.gov.hk (for complaints)

Fax numbers :
2714 5216 (for enquiries)
2187 2243 (for complaints)
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