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HyD receives MTRCL's holistic proposal on issue of Hung Hom Station Extension works under Shatin to Central Link project

     Regarding the issue of the Hung Hom Station Extension works under the Shatin to Central Link project, the Highways Department (HyD) received a holistic proposal from the MTR Corporation Limited (MTRCL) this afternoon (November 23).
     Since the MTRCL could not provide sufficient actual construction records, including the working drawings adopted during the construction period, to verify the condition, works quality and structural safety of the platform and diaphragm wall of the Hung Hom Station Extension, the Government has requested the MTRCL to formulate a holistic strategy for assessing the acceptability of the built structures.
     All relevant government departments will conduct a detailed review on the holistic proposal submitted by the MTRCL and will request the MTRCL to provide further information if necessary. Upon completion of the review and confirmation of acceptance of the proposal, the Government will make the holistic proposal public.

Ends/Friday, November 23, 2018