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HyD receives incident report from MTRCL on construction works for Hung Hom Station platform under Shatin to Central Link project

     Regarding the incident relating to the construction quality of the Hung Hom Station platform of the Shatin to Central Link (SCL), the Director of Highways on May 31 required the MTR Corporation Limited (MTRCL) to submit an incident report.  The Highways Department (HyD) received the report from the MTRCL around 5pm today (June 15).

     In paragraphs 8 to 9 of section 3 of the report, it stated that the statements given by one of the sub-contractors of Leighton Contractors (Asia) Limited ("Leighton") contradicted assurances given to the MTRCL by Leighton. Leighton has strenuously denied such allegations. The MTRCL did not express any opinion on this matter. According to the information provided by the MTRCL separately to the HyD on this matter today (paragraph 9 of Section 3 of the report), the HyD considers that the matter may involve criminal elements and the HyD has therefore referred the matter to the Police for follow-up action. In order not to hinder the Police's investigation, the HyD will not comment on this matter at this stage.

     As for the other content and technical information in the report, the HyD will thoroughly examine and request the MTRCL to make clarification or provide supplementary information if necessary.

     Meanwhile, the HyD has reminded the MTRCL that being the project manager of the SCL project, the MTRCL has to strictly comply with the responsibility under the Entrustment Agreement, including verification of   the facts of all related issues, to ensure the quality of works of the SCL.

Ends/Friday, June 15, 2018