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The construction of Shatin to Central Link Project To Kwa Wan Station

     The Transport and Housing Bureau (THB) and the Highways Department (HyD) are highly concerned about the recent media enquiries and reports on the construction of the To Kwa Wan Station under the Shatin to Central Link (SCL) project.
     After learning of the incident on June 5, the HyD requested the MTR Corporation Limited (MTRCL) on June 5 and 7 to provide relevant information of the incident.  The THB also required the MTRCL to provide details of the incident as soon as possible.
     According to the written reply from the MTRCL to the HyD on June 8, their contractor did not follow the construction drawings to carry out part of the works for the reinforced concrete wall adjacent to the staircases at the To Kwa Wan Station platform. The MTRCL stated that they had already required the contractor for an explanation and rectification as soon as possible. The contractor is also required to submit follow-up and remedial plans for MTRCL's consideration. However, the MTRCL's reply did not contain information such as the extent of the wall in question, the cause of the incident, the supervision of works and the impact on the structure, etc.
     The HyD wrote to the MTRCL on June 11 again expressing dissatisfaction that the incident was not reported to the HyD timely. The HyD was disappointed and considered it unacceptable that the MTRCL could not identify the relevant problem during its supervision of the works.  The HyD has required the MTRCL to submit a report within a week (i.e. on or before June 18) with detailed explanation of the cause of the incident and rectification plan.

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