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Latest news of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Link Road

    The Highways Department (HyD) today (May 2) said that the project team has overcome the challenges encountered by the Scenic Hill Tunnel of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) Hong Kong Link Road (HKLR) project, and is implementing the last bit of the works leading to the complete connection of the whole HKLR.
      In constructing the Scenic Hill Tunnel, the project team is required to carry out excavation works underneath the Airport Express Line (AEL). The HyD adopted an advanced approach using the box jacking method to form this section of tunnel to avoid affecting the normal operation of the AEL. The tunnel box segments were cast first, then excavation was carried out at the leading face of the box segments, which were finally pushed forward one by one using hydraulic jacks underneath the AEL. The Hong Kong bound of the Scenic Hill Tunnel was broken through successfully in December last year. 
      The weight of the last tunnel box segment of the Zhuhai and Macao bound of the Scenic Hill Tunnel is about 5 000 tonnes (equivalent to the total weight of 27 Boeing 747 jumbo jets). The jacking of the last bit of the tunnel requires the use of a jacking system comprising more than 100 hydraulic jacks and 800 strands. This jacking system demands stringent accuracy in its operation. It uses a computerised system to synchronise the movements of all the hydraulic jacks in pushing the gigantic box segments underneath the AEL. 
      The construction of the Scenic Hill Tunnel under the HKLR was progressing according to the planned schedule. However, mechanical failure of some parts of the jacking system was encountered that halted the jacking operation while it was just a few metres away from the complete connection.  The project team immediately carried out urgent repair works and conducted thorough inspection of the mechanical systems to ensure the safe operation. The project team then identified the cause of the breakdown and derived solutions to fix the jacking system in late April. The contractor promptly arranged for air freight of the required mechanical parts from overseas, which were delivered to site yesterday (May 1). The contractor is currently replacing the damaged parts of the hydraulic jacks and strands in full speed. Upon replacement of the damaged parts, the contractor will resume the last bit of the jacking operation. It is anticipated that this bit of the works would be completed in May if there is no unforeseeable circumstance. Together with the breakthrough of the Hong Kong bound tunnel in December last year, the complete connection of the whole HKLR will then be achieved.
      In accordance with the current works progress, the HyD reiterates that the HZMB Hong Kong projects could be completed by the end of 2017 and achieve readiness for commissioning.
      The HKLR is a dual three-lane highway of 12 km long connecting the HZMB Main Bridge in the Mainland and the Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities. It comprises (i) 9.4 km long land and marine viaduct; (ii) 1 km long tunnel through the Scenic Hill; and (iii) 1.6 km long at-grade roads at the reclamation area along the east coast of the airport.

Ends/Tuesday, May 2, 2017