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HyD's response to media enquiries on the latest progress of HZMB project

     Regarding media enquiries on the latest progress of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) project, the Highways Department (HyD) yesterday (November 25) responded as follows:

     The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) was targeted for completion by end 2016 when it was planned. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Authority (HZMBA) as well as the three governments have been implementing the projects against this target. However, as the HZMB project is huge and complicated, there are many technical challenges during both the design and construction stages. Regardless of whether it is the HZMB Main Bridge or the related projects of the three sides, difficulties of the construction and pressure in meeting the programme schedule are encountered. With safety and quality assurance as the major premises, the HZMBA and the three governments have been reviewing the progress of the various projects as well as overcoming and handling the concerned difficulties.

     In accordance with the latest situation of the HZMB Main Bridge and the related projects of the three areas, the three governments and the HZMBA conducted further straightening and assessment on the programme in this year. The preliminary assessment has been completed and discussed in the Joint Works Committee of the Three Governments (JWC) in September 2015. The JWC meeting required the associated parties to further refine the programme assessment report with in-depth and objective analysis of the construction difficulties and risks, with safety and quality assurance as the major premises, collectively propose the forecast commissioning date of the entire HZMB project, which will be reported to the HZMB Task Force after JWC approval. At present, the in-depth assessment is still in progress.

     As for the HZMB local projects in Hong Kong, according to the current progress, it appears that the Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities and the Hong Kong Link Road projects cannot be completed on time by end 2016. In the face of construction difficulties and challenges such as the unstable supply of materials, shortage of labour, restriction in airport height, constraints in environmental protection requirement and slower than expected consolidation performance of reclamation works, etc., HyD preliminarily forecast that the local projects in Hong Kong can only be completed by end 2017.

Ends/Thursday, November 26, 2015