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Four stonewall trees at Bonham Road removed for public safety

The Highways Department (HyD) removed four stonewall trees with a potential risk of collapse on a retaining wall at Bonham Road in Western District for public safety this evening (August 7).

The retaining wall at Bonham Road originally had six stonewall trees that were all Ficus microcarpa. Subsequent to the collapse of one of the stonewall trees on July 22, the HyD immediately arranged expert inspections for the five remaining trees. In accordance with the advice of tree experts and the Tree Management Office (TMO), HyD removed a tree in poor condition and pruned the remaining four trees to reduce the risks and ensure public safety on the same day.

The HyD has been closely monitoring the conditions of the remaining four trees and found new cracks on the stonewall today. There were signs of unstable and worsening support of the remaining four stonewall trees, and the potential risk of collapse could not be entirely alleviated by extensive pruning. The HyD in consultation with the TMO decided to remove the four trees as soon as possible for public safety.

The HyD informed the Central and Western District Council about the situation and conducted the removal this evening. The four stonewall trees were not listed on the Register of Old and Valuable Trees.

Ends/Friday, August 7, 2015