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Ultra-high Pressure Abrasive Waterjet Cutting System

Conventionally, removal of marine pipe piles comprising cofferdam involves underwater electric arc cutting by divers. Divers are posed to the risks like electrocution and decompression sickness. To minimise the risk to the diver at CKR KTW contract, a tailor-made rotational cutting equipment with the adoption of ultra-high pressure water jet cutting is adopted. Diver's work is significantly minimized. The remote controlled cutting system can pump ultra-high pressure water through a cutting head nozzle to produce a high velocity abrasive cutting water jet. The nozzle is mounted on a semi-automatic rig, which is inserted into the interior of pipe piles being cut at the designated level, to provide a high degree of cutting accuracy and control. The abrasive waterjet cutting system is comparatively safer, eliminating the high risk of underwater cutting operated by divers. It offers higher performance, substantial cost savings and higher efficiency in operation, over traditional cutting by divers. The remote control system also provides higher productive rate.