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Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

Road Defect Detection System (RDDS)

HyD is developing a Road Defect Detection System (RDDS) by adopting artificial intelligence (AI) technology for automatic road defect detection. It aims to develop an AI model to detect cracks and discoloured road markings from road images captured by a vehicle-based camera system. The identified road defects are shown on a web application platform for browsing, searching and simple measurements for engineer’s inspection or audit purpose.

Collaboration with Academic Institutions

We collaborate with academic institutions to explore using advanced technologies to enhance work efficiency. For example, we collaborate with Hong Kong Polytechnic University in a study of using AI for road surface depression detection from LiDAR point cloud data. We also collaborate with Chinese University of Hong Kong in a pilot project of using Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) for deformation monitoring of Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities.