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viAct Smart Camera Blasting Face Access Control

The majority of the underground tunnel is undertaking using the drill and blast method. It is important to ensure only competent staff including blasting engineer, registered shot firer, blasting competent supervisor and resident explosives supervisor are present at the designated area before blasting face during the blasting works. An AI image recognition system, viAct Smart Camera, is adopted at CKR CT contract, to real-time monitor the site situation. By installing a camera with AI detection in front of the blasting face connecting to a mobile AI processor, the system can identify specific colour of helmet. While assigning the aforementioned competent staff wearing a specific color of helmet, the AI system can generate sound and light alert when workers wearing other colors of helmets or without helmets are detected. Online report and dashboard can also be provided as digital records. This intelligent system save almost 50% time and workload of safety officer on site.