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Automatic Canopy Installation System

For underground tunnelling works, the working environment is usually less desirable due to the limited working spaces, high temperature, high humidity and low visibility. It is difficult for tunnel workers to carry out heavy manual operations under such harsh environments, especially for works on a working platform such as installation and connection of canopy pipes for tunnel temporary support. It may lead to serious accidents like hand injuries and falling from height.

The tunnel of Central Kowloon Route – Central Tunnel contract would pass through several numbers of fault zones, in which temporary supports in the form of pipe-roof umbrella canopy should be constructed to support the excavation face. To enhance safety performance and to avoid risk of personal injury during canopy installation, the project team has pursued an alternative construction methodology, namely automatic canopy installation system. This system provides a fully mechanised installation of canopy pipes that allows remote controlled operation for the safe connection of canopy pipes. Meanwhile, it aims at reducing labour intensiveness, reducing time of working at height, as well as saving workers from direct contact with the moving hydraulic drilling machine. It is worth mentioning that the system is the first-ever application in Hong Kong.