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Automatic Canopy Installation System

For underground tunnel works, the working condition is undesirable due to dense work activities, high temperature, high humidity and low visibility. It is difficult for tunnel workers to carry out heavy manual work under such harsh environments, especially for works on a working platform such as installation and connection of canopy pipes for tunnel temporary support. It may lead to high risks of accidents like hand injuries and falling from height. Canopy pipes are installed prior to excavation to increase stability in the working area by transferring loads in the longitudinal direction and decrease deformations induced by excavation. During canopy installation works along tunnels, workers may risk themselves doing manual lifting and connecting pipe casings with limited working spaces and un-ergonomic postures. Related accidents prove the high risk nature of this canopy installation works. To improve the safety performance in tunnels, an automatic canopy installation system is implemented in CKR CT contract. The system consists of usual jumbo mounted parts like a jib and loading units. Additional components allowing the automatic system are hydraulic squeezing unites, center guide and feeding system. Pipe umbrella support system is installed self-drilling where the casing provides an immediate support of the drill hole. Time of working at height is reduced and repetitive manual handling is minimized, lowering risk of personal injury. The automatic canopy installation system increase the efficiency of installation works, enhancing safety performance.