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AI Camera on Tunnel Wheeled Vehicles

In a congested construction site, it is not surprising that tunnel wheeled vehicles are being operated in close proximity to the workers. Despite various safety measures have been implemented (i.e. segregation of pedestrian and vehicle, deployment of signalers at pedestrian crossing facilities and provision of safety signs at prominent locations), there are still potential risks in respect of the pedestrians being hit by backing vehicles. Thanks to the AI technology, the project team of Central Kowloon Route – Central Tunnel has installed the anti-collision camera on tunnel wheeled vehicles, serving as the specific measure for prevention of traffic accidents. The said camera system comes along with audible alarm and flashing signal on driver's screen, and it can detect and identify human in the set of driving zone, even under tunnel environment with low visibility. In the event that there are pedestrians spotted within the driving zone, safety alert message will be shown on driver's screen, thereby preventing moving vehicles from striking workers.