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Blaxtair AI Camera

Machinery operators face many challenges of keeping track of nearby activities and obstacles around the vehicles, especially pedestrians. Even experienced drivers may be temporarily affected by different sources of distractions. Accidents involving heavy machinery are always serious issues in spite of existing safety measures. Blaxtair AI Camera is implemented in CKR contract (CT) to avoid machinery collision accidents. The Blaxtair System is an artificial intelligent camera system, which is able to distinguish people from moving obstacles in real time. It is composed of an AI stereoscopic camera, calculator and LCD screen, allowing users to set detection zone and providing audible alarm and flashing signals on the drivers' control screen once there are objects or pedestrians detected within the preset zone. This highly robust system uses a sensor to constantly scan the blind spots around the vehicle and reconstruct the environment, with the footage shown on the control screen installed in the cabin, providing real-time monitoring. Hence, drivers can judge the critical nature of the situation based on the system and experience. The anti-collision system is also suitable for relatively low visibility conditions like underground operations. It can be installed on tunnel wheeled vehicles to enhance tunnel safety and the safety of workers within the work site.