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Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Terrestrial laser scanner collects point cloud data of ground features in millimetre accuracy. The 3D scanner is mounted on a stationary platform instead of a moving vehicle. It can obtain higher density point data as much as 1 million points per second depending on the surveying approach.

Video: Tree branches segmentation results using terrestrial LiDAR data

Stonewall tree survey
Terrestrial Laser Scanner is deployed in the survey of over 180 stonewall trees, which fall under the purview of Highways Department, with point cloud data of the trees collected for monitoring the growth of trees regularly to formulate and implement the necessary preventive measures (e.g. tree pruning and establishing supporting system, etc.).

  • Concrete Viaduct Point Cloud
    Concrete Viaduct Point Cloud

Creation of Building Information Model (BIM Model)
Terrestrial laser scanner was used to capture the 3D positions of viaducts and tendons beneath the deck of Shenzhen Bay Bridge-Hong Kong Section. The high density point cloud was used to create the Building Information Models (BIM) of tendons, deviators and diaphragm walls for further study.