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The Third Phase

As the UA Programme has been widely supported by the community, it was announced in the 2018 Policy Address that the Government would commence a feasibility study in the first half of 2019 on lift retrofitting proposals for the remaining some 120 walkways under the current ambit of the programme across various districts with a view to taking forward the feasible items expeditiously so as to benefit the elderly and people in need (referred to as the “Third Phase” of the UA Programme).

The HyD has been undertaking the relevant preparation work with a view to engaging consultants in the first half of 2019 to carry out investigation for the 132 lift retrofitting items under the Third Phase (details are here) so as to ascertain their feasibility. Upon completion of the investigation for individual items, the HyD will brief the DCs concerned on the findings of the investigation and the preliminary schemes of the items. The detailed design work for those schemes confirmed to be technically feasible and supported by the respective DCs will commence afterwards. The construction works of the Third Phase are anticipated to commence progressively starting from 2021.

Review of the Programme Ambit

Furthermore, the Government will also conduct a review in 2019 to explore whether there is any scope for further expansion of the UA programme.