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Original Programme

Prior to the announcement of the new policy in August 2012, the Government had been taking forward the Original Programme of retrofitting barrier-free access facilities to public walkways[Note] in response to the recommendation of the Equal Opportunities Commission.  The HyD obtained approval for Item No. 6167TB from the Finance Committee in July 2011 for commencing the retrofitting works of barrier-free access facilities for 10 items and the design for other items of barrier-free access facilities under the Original Programme.  The related construction and associated costs of these other items are funded by block allocation Subhead 6101TX – “Universal Accessibility Programme”.  The Original Programme is currently being implemented as scheduled with progress as at 28 February 2019 as follows –

  1. the retrofitting works for all 10 items under Item No. 6167TB have been completed; and
  2. for the 135 items implemented under block allocation Subhead 6101TX – “Universal Accessibility Programme”, 87 have been completed and 39 are under construction.

In summary, the retrofitting works for 145 items under the Original Programme (Details are here.) are in general being implemented smoothly, with about 94% of the items either completed or in the construction stage(i.e. 67% and 27% respectively).  For the remaining 9 items, due to various factors such as longer time required for handling different public opinions, the need to co-ordinate with other works or development projects, and other design and construction problems, their design schemes and implementation programmes are still being formulated.  The HyD will commence the retrofitting works for these items as soon as possible upon proper resolution of the concerned matters.

[[Note] : Public walkways refer to public footbridges, elevated walkways and subways maintained by the Highways Department.]

Subway across Tai Po Road near Pei Ho Street at Sham Shui Po District (Structure No. KS47) Footbridge across Harcourt Road near Citic Tower at Central & Western District (Structure No. HF152)Footbridge across East Rail Line Track near Kiu Tau at Tai Po District (Structure No. NF81)

Footbridge across Nam Wan Road near Wan Tau Tong Estate at Tai Po District (Structure No. NF444)Footbridge across Wo Hing Road near Wah Ming Road at North District (Structure No. NF212)Footbridge Across Castle Peak Road near Fou Wah Centre at Tsuen Wan District (Structure No. NF109)