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Expanded Programme

When the new policy was announced in August 2012, we invited members of the public to propose other locations at public walkways[Note]  where they considered lift retrofitting necessary. Response from the public was overwhelming. Between August and October 2012, there were suggestions for lift retrofitting at about 250 public walkways. In the first half of 2013, we invited the 18 DCs to prioritise the new items proposed by the public by which each of the DCs had selected three public walkways for priority implementation (referred to as the “Expanded Programme”).

The 56 priority items under the Expanded Programme are being implemented smoothly. As at 28 February 2021, 51 have been completed, 4 are under construction, and the design schemes and implementation programmes of the remaining one item is to be formulated in due course given that there are issues related to planning, investigation, design and local consultation to be settled.

Overall speaking, the 56 priority items under the Expanded Programme (Details are here) are in general being implemented smoothly with about 98% of the items either completed or in the construction stage (i.e. 91% and 7% respectively). As regards the remaining one item, the HyD will commence the retrofitting works for these items as soon as possible upon proper resolution of the relevant matters.

[[Note] : Public walkways refer to public footbridges, elevated walkways and subways maintained by the Highways Department.]

Elevated walkway along Pui Ching Road Flyover across Princess Margaret Road at Kowloon City District (Structure No. K14)

Footbridge across Fanling Highway near Fanling MTR Station at North District (Structure No. NF134)

 Elevated walkway connecting Tin Wan Praya Road and Tin Wan Hill Road at Southern District (Structure No. H186)Footbridge across Tong Ming Street near Sheung Tak Shopping Centre at Sai Kung District (Structure No. NF336)