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The Government has been installing barrier-free access facilities at public walkways[Note]. In response to public requests, the Government launched in August 2012 a new policy to expand the programme to retrofit barrier-free access facilities at public walkways, striving to create a “universally accessible” environment in the community to facilitate the access to public walkways by the public. Under this policy –

  1. when considering retrofitting of barrier-free access facilities to existing or newly constructed public walkways, the Government will treat lifts and ramps equally (unless the site conditions dictate one form over the other). This is a change from the past practice which gave priority to ramps; and
  2. as long as site conditions permit, we will consider retrofitting lifts at walkways where there is already a standard ramp installed. After a lift has been retrofitted, we will evaluate whether to keep the ramp or demolish it for more spacious pavement or making way for roadside greening.

Lift opened to publicSubway across Ap Lei Chau Bridge Road near Shan Ming Street and San Shi Street at Southern District (Structure No. HS13)


Footbridge across Gloucester Road near Luk Kwok Hotel at Wan Chai District (Structure No. HF2)Footbridge across Tai Po Tai Wo Road and Lam Tsuen River near Tai Po Centre at Tai Po District (Structure No. NF97)

[[Note] : Public walkways refer to public footbridges, elevated walkways and subways maintained by the Highways Department.]