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Highways Department Technical Circulars


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HyDTC No. Title of Circular File Type
3/96 Allocation of Contract Numbers PDF Format



HyDTC No. Title of Circular File Type

Unit Costs for Highway Works

PDF Format

Standard Front Cover of Contract Documents

PDF Format
22/97 Procedures of Approval of Mix Design for Bituminous Materials PDF Format
29/97 Road Studs for Trunk Roads and Primary Distributors PDF Format



HyDTC No. Title of Circular File Type
3/99 Design and Maintenance of Private streets PDF Format

Use of Non-Standard Pavings on Public Footways

PDF Format
6/99 Approval for publishing and presenting Technical Paper, Visual Material, etc PDF Format



HyDTC No. Title of Circular File Type

Administrative Protection for Proposed Railway Routes

PDF Format



HyDTC No. Title of Circular File Type

Red and Pink Routes, Public Transport Sensitive Routes and Routes to Vulnerable Areas-Emergency Procedures

The above circular shall be read in conjunction with the updated drawings below.

PDF Format

Visibility of Directional Signs

PDF Format
11/2001 Running Surfaces of Bridge Decks PDF Format



HyDTC No. Title of Circular File Type
5/2002 Authority to Issue Works Orders Chargeable to Recurrent and Non-recurrent Votes and for Works Executed on Private Account PDF Format

Administration of Design and Build Contracts

PDF Format



HyDTC No. Title of Circular File Type
2/2003 As-constructed Drawings and Design Calculations for Highway Structures PDF Format
5/2003 Guidelines on Qualification and Experience Requirements of Contractor's Surveyor in Highway Projects PDF Format

Management of Construction and Demolition (C&D) Material including Rock

PDF Format
Planned Road Works on Red and Pink Routes

English Version


PDF Format



HyDTC No. Title of Circular File Type

Particular Specification Clauses for Maintenance of Lighting, Signing and Guarding Equipment

PDF Format



HyDTC No. Title of Circular File Type
2/2006 Highways Standard Drawings PDF Format
4/2006 Committees for Highway Maintenance and District Administration PDF Format
6/2006 Proper Control to Avoid Over-commitment of Capital Works Projects PDF Format



HyDTC No. Title of Circular File Type
3/2007 Acquiring Equipment and Facilities under Works Contracts for the Engineer's Use PDF Format
4/2007 Quality Supervision and Assurance for Piling Works PDF Format



HyDTC No. Title of Circular File Type
3/2008 Independent Vetting of Tree Works under the Maintenance of Highways Department PDF Format



HyDTC No. Title of Circular File Type
2/2009 Design of Highway Structures PDF Format

Reporting of Notifiable Accidents / Serious Incidents on Highways Department Works Sites

PDF Format
4/2009 Administration of Geographic Information System (GIS) PDF Format
5/2009 Improvement to Skid Resistance on In-Service Roads PDF Format
6/2009 Acquisition of Computer Facilities and Services PDF Format
7/2009 Information Technology Management PDF Format
8/2009 Vetting Committee on Project Estimates (VCOPE) PDF Format
9/2009 Consultants Review Committee (CRC) - To be read in conjunction with DEVB TC(W) No. 2/2009 and its subsequent revisions PDF Format
10/2009 Guidelines for Taking Over Footbridges and Subways for Maintenance PDF Format
11/2009 Tender Procedures for Works Contracts and Consultancy Agreements PDF Format
12/2009 Expressway Legislation PDF Format



HyDTC No. Title of Circular File Type

Control in the Use of Shotcrete (Sprayed Concrete) in Slope Works

PDF Format

Departmental Liaison Agent with Land Information Centre, Lands Department for the Supply of Digital Topographic Map, Land Boundary, Geographic and Photogrammetric Data

PDF Format


Fire Mains and Hydrants on New Trunk Roads and Elevated Highway Structures

PDF Format
5/2010 Testing of OPC, PFA and PPFAC by the Public Works Central Laboratory PDF Format
6/2010 Public Works Subcommittee (PWSC) Submission PDF Format
8/2010 Approval and Referral of Variations and Claims for Additional Payment/Extension of Time for Completion of Works in In-house Works Contracts PDF Format
11/2010 Authority to Approve the Employment of Dispute Resolution
Advisors (DRA)

PDF Format



HyDTC No. Title of Circular File Type
2/2012 Committee on Contractors Safety Performance PDF Format


HyDTC No. Title of Circular File Type


Departmental Liaison Agent for the Supply of Digital Map Data and LiDAR Data

PDF Format



HyDTC No. Title of Circular File Type


Review of Technical Circulars PDF Format